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Water Filtration Systems

In Arizona, tap water can be notoriously hard. Unfortunately, this may negatively affect the taste of the water. Over time, hard water can also discolor and damage plumbing fixtures and appliances. If you’re fed up with bad-tasting tap water, it’s time to invest in a whole-house water filtration system. Talk to the expert plumbers at Agile Plumbing Sewer & Drain, LLC in Tucson about your options. We’ll help you find an affordable solution that works for your household or commercial property.

What’s in Your Water?

All sources of water, including well water and city water, contain some degree of contamination. In fact, contaminants can include byproducts from industrial activities, pesticide runoff, and disease-causing microbial pathogens. Some contaminants can result in acute illnesses or chronic, gradually developing health problems. Ground water can also contain toxic levels of metals, like chromium, arsenic, and barium.

Another common problem with unfiltered water is high levels of minerals that cause scale buildup. These include calcium and magnesium. As water runs through pipes, the minerals build up on the surfaces. Over time, so much scale can develop that the pipes become partially clogged. This is particularly true with the addition of things typically found in wastewater, like soap scum and hair.

If the thought of having these contaminants in your household’s water makes you uneasy, you’re not alone. Due to these types of contaminants, many people have installed whole-house water filtration systems for healthier, better-tasting drinking water.

Benefits of a Whole-House Water Filtration System

Agile Plumbing Sewer & Drain, LLC offers reasonable rates on all new installations of water filtration systems. With a new filtration system, you can look forward to:

  • Contaminant-free water from every faucet in the home
  • Clean, great-tasting, softened drinking water
  • Minimized aggravation of skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis
  • Reduced plumbing repair bills thanks to longer-lasting fixtures and appliances
  • Cleaner, better-smelling clothing

If you’re currently buying bottled water, a whole-house water filtration system can also save you money over time. After all, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious drinking water straight from your tap.

Types of Water Treatment Devices

Different water filtration systems use different methods to remove contaminants and purify water. Some commonly used types include:

  • Activated carbon
  • Ion exchange unit with activated alumina
  • Reverse osmosis unit with carbon
  • Distillation unit

Your plumber can help you choose the best type of water filtration system for your home or commercial building.

Here at Agile Plumbing Sewer & Drain, LLC, we believe that every individual should have easy access to clean, healthy drinking water. We offer affordable rates and fast service on all water filtration systems. Call us in Tucson at (520) 519-9963 to request a free estimate for your residential or commercial property.